Return to Magnolia Grove

I’m so excited to bring you home to Magnolia Grove. RETURN TO MAGNOLIA GROVE will publish in June of 2020. I have wanted to write Women’s Fiction for a very long time and now that dream is almost here! Join Paige MacNamera as she struggles to find the right road… stay in a marriage that isn’t bad, it’s just…tepid. Just…okay. The spark is gone and nothing she’s tried seems to make the slightest difference. When her beloved Aunt dies and leaves her a tiny house in rural Alabama, Paige goes to take care of the estate. Paige finds herself with the most unlikely of temptations, and needs the wisdom of her “Aunts” Willamina and Georgiafina (Mina and Fina) more than ever. Mina and Fina prove that family isn’t always defined by blood, and sometimes, the hardest choices come at the cost of a lot of tears. But catharsis leads to healing…if Paige is brave enough.